a pool with chairs around it

About Our Oasis

Experience a Palm Springs hotel built on the glamour of American icons, where the impact of pop culture legends mingles with modern comfort and desert charm. From the crackling fire pits to the sparkling pool, our hotel provides an intimate escape designed for your R&R.

Steeped in Desert Modernism

Seamlessly blending jaw-dropping scenery with bold architecture, our hotel’s design reflects the striking desert landscape with a touch of retro splendor.

a swimming pool with palm trees and a building with mountains in the background

Tributes to Old Hollywood

Whether it's Elvis Presley, Paul Newman, Frank Sinatra, or Dean Martin, our rooms are named after some of the 20th century's most illustrious figures and performers, with a special homage to the Rat Pack. Check in and feel immersed in the golden era of the desert.

a room with a bed and a lamp

The Dream Escape

Designed to be the ideal desert oasis, The Palm Springs Hotel allows guests to pick their own escape. With plenty of space to spread out in our spacious rooms and on our grounds, guests can experience a peaceful retreat filled with R&R — or revel under the desert sun.

a swimming pool with chairs around it